I’m Sadegh Jalalian and I graduated from University of Salford (UK) with MSc degree in Data Science with distinction. 

During my MSc, I have worked on five projects: 

• Prediction of paying off loans to lenders using R & Python 

• Prediction of shopping behaviour using Python 

• Analysing the premier league data from Twitter using big data tools and techniques (Hadoop,Hive,Impala,Spark,Sqoop,Scala) 

• Creating email marketing database using Microsoft SQL Server & BI Tools 

• Creating dashboard for world trade counties using Tableau & SAS 

In addition, I’ve been a data scientist at VisitBritain for 6 month. In this time for this company, I’ve implemented and designed a recommendation system engine with two different approaches (Content-based Filtering and Collaborative Filtering). I also worked in separate project on time series forecasting for VisitBritain. 

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Regarding my field of study, I have a good background in the area of Machine Learning and Deep Learning as well as data visualisation and text mining. I am also familiar with AWS and H2o. 

I am hard working and reliable individual. I have great interpersonal and communication skills. I enjoy working in groups, sharing ideas to compare notes with other members of my team and consider the opinions of other professionals while also having the ability to work alone and maintain efficiency. 

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