By Order Of The Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is one of the most unique British dramas ever made. I started watching the series because I saw that Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy were in it.At the beginning, the story is based on a true story based in England which brings charm to this tv-show. The quality of the scenario puts you in a good position where you will have to watch all the episodes before getting satisfy. Cillian Murphy is so good in is characters. The cinematographic style is different compare to other tv-shows.

This show is outstanding in every aspect! acting, background music, the customs, details, It’s just unique. The great thing is that every season consists of six episodes. Every episode is another important piece in the story of the Shelby Family and the screenwriters really pack it with a lot of umph. There really has not been an episode yet, that I have been disappointed with. In fact, I actually find myself wanting to watch the next episode after finishing one, because I just need to know the fate of the characters. In fact, the whole cast is bloody brilliant.

Cillian Murphy as Thomas Shelby was an excellent choice he becomes Thomas very convincing. Tommy (Cillian) might be one of the most interesting protagonists in any TV show I’ve seen recently. Cillian Murphy’s acting for the role is just incredible.



I would definitely recommend it to everyone because it is and absolute art form if you are looking for a feel of a life post war, if you are a sucker for variations and transitions, very likeable characters, love stories and some sad tear-jerking scenes to go along with it.

worth watching By the order of peaky blinders ….


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